Relock the bootloader of any Realme devices

Relock the bootloader for Realme devices
After relocking the Bootloader the phone again come back to it’s old condition you cannot modify it again without unlocking the the bootloader again.

1. Download the Bootloader unlock tool again to apply to exit the in-depth test.
(If you want to again download that tool then checkout this page Click here )

exit in depth test page
exit in depth test
2. Click “Apply to exit in-depth test”. You will automatically restart your phone and enter Fastboot mode.
3. In the Fastboot mode, use engineering command below on your PC to re-lock the bootloader of your device.
– Enter the command: adb reboot bootloader
– Press “Enter” on your keyboard
– Enter the command: fastboot flashing lock
– Press “Enter” on your keyboard
4. To lock the bootloader option click the Volume Up button (or click the Down Volume button to select “Do not lock the bootloader” and then leave it unlocked).

Then enter command “fastboot reboot”. After that your phone will reboot and exit the in-depth test mode. All user data on the phone will be erased – we recommend you perform a data backup before this process.

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